On Saturday 18 May, we will walk various routes through Haarlem. Full enjoyment of spring! There is much to see and experience in the city, which dates back to the early Middle Ages. The 6, 10, 16 and 25 km distances will introduce you to the city centre, where there is plenty of history and culture to discover along the canals and in the charming streets. 

6 km | Family Walk

A route for young and old(er)
From the start at Museum van de Geest, the route of the new Family Walk takes you directly into the center of Haarlem. You walk off towards the icon of Haarlem: the Grote of Sint-Bavokerk. Through picturesque streets you'll make your way to the care station on the Hortusplein. On this pleasant square, next to the Jopenkerk and at cozy terraces, you will receive a stamp on your card. Together with the routes of the 10 and 16 km you will then set course for the finish of the Family Walk.

10 km

Haarlem highlights in the city centre
The history of the city of Haarlem stretches far. This is reflected in the city's monumental buildings, grand churches and museums. Haarlem is a place where urban allure goes hand in hand with the convivial, almost village-like character of its inhabitants. After a stretch along the Spaarne, the 10 km route enters the city centre, where one walks past the famous Grote of Sint Bavokerk and discovers even more Haarlem Highlights. The capital of North-Holland is a beautiful city with a rich history and many beautiful sights. 

On the Hortusplein, next to the Jopenkerk and near cosy terraces, an atmospheric supply point will be set up. The finish for the 10 km, like those for the 16 and 25 km, is next to the monumental Museum van de Geest| Dolhuys, where all walkers also start in the morning. 

16 km

Trading and walking along the Spaarne
After starting next to the beautiful Museum van de Geest | Dolhuys, the first kilometres of the 16 km route are along the Binnen Spaarne and through the city centre. Then the banks of the Spaarne are visited. This not too large, S-shaped river has been the heart of Haarlem's trade and industry for many centuries. The Spaarne was the lifeline connecting Haarlem to the world, thanks in part to the textile industry and breweries that settled on its banks. 

Via the supply point at rowing club Amphitrite, participants walk through Heemstede. Via Frederikspark, they return to the centre of Haarlem, where a stamping and care point has been set up on Hortusplein, next to the Jopen church. There is plenty to discover in the streets of the city centre leading to the finish. 

25 km

Versatile route through city and nature
For those who want to make their route completely versatile, we offer the 25 km route. Besides the liveliness of the city centre and the serenity of the water, walkers of this distance also enjoy beautiful nature and impressive country houses. 

Just like the 10 and 16 km walkers, participants of the longest distance of the Kika Haarlem City Walk also start next to Museum van de Geest | Dolhuys. From here, the 25 km participants will follow the same route as the 16 km walkers until the 13 km point at the nursing station on the Hortusplein. With the beautiful kilometres along the Spaarne and Through the city centre in their legs, beautiful kilometres through Zuid-Kennemerland National Park lie ahead for the 25 km participants. 

In the country estates of Haarlem, once the secluded domain for wealthy families, enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The estate with imposing chestnut and beech avenues, park meadows and forests have a magical character. Here, walkers pass, among others, Duinlust Estate and Middenduin, with the Zanderij, before the final kilometres the finish at Museum van de Geest. 

Walking safely
During our walking events, we as an organisation want to create a safe road situation for walkers and other road users. It is therefore important to comply with the generally applicable traffic rules and to all walk in the same way. During our walking events, we ask you to walk on the right as much and whenever possible. This allows us to avoid confusion on routes that are not completely closed to walkers. 
Dogs on the route
Please note! Dogs are allowed at the Kika Haarlem City Walk only on a leash. On the 25 km route, dogs are unfortunately not welcome on Landgoed Duinlust and in nature reserve Middenduin. Walk via Duinlustweg and Brouwerskolkpark (dogs of leash) to Tetterodeweg and rejoin the route there. 
The Kika Haarlem City Walk cooperates with Wandelsportfoto. They will be ready to take your picture in the last kilometre before the finish. In our newsletter after the finish, we will share the website where you can buy your photo.